Spicy PNR Books: Choosing the Best Books For You

When I started writing paranormal romance books, I was instantly swept away with the passion, the curiosity, and the excitement of my characters. Although I’d been writing for years, it wasn’t until I jumped into the world of shapeshifters (starting with my Dragon Isle book series) that I really began to obsess over my characters.

It was in those early days of writing that I found myself keeping spreadsheets with each character’s likes and dislikes. I found myself reading and researching about different types of animals – and then dreaming up ways they could find their way into my stories.

Now, 10 years into my romance author journey, I’m delighted to say that I’m just as obsessed with spicy PNR books as I was back then.

If you’re looking for some paranormal romance books, but you aren’t sure where to begin, I’ve got you.

If you want dragon shifters who are obsessed with BDSM, choose Dragon Isle.

If you want werebears who are passionate, feisty, and obsessive, begin with Honeypot Darlings.

If you’re looking for shapeshifters who are constantly finding themselves in fake relationships, begin with Shifters of Rawr County.

Note: Almost all of my books are available on multiple platforms, including Barnes and Noble, Apple, and KOBO. If you’re having trouble finding one of my books, don’t be afraid to reach out!