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What type of romance do you like to write?
I am an author of paranormal and fantasy-romance, along with dark fantasy.
My favorite type to write, by far, is forbidden love. I enjoy writing stories that test
relationships due to the forbidden nature of the romance. I love the angst, the trials that
forbidden love puts couples through, and how romantic partners strive against great odds
to maintain their devotion to each other.

I do this in my paranormal romance, such as my Midnight Coven series, by placing
obstacles in lovers’ paths, such as one being a vampire, and another a mortal in Forever
Chosen. In Immortal Skye, a vampire falls for a Selkie upon the shores of Scotland. And in
Wicked Desires, a witch falls for a knight when transported to the past by a curse and must
choose between her newfound love, and returning to her own time.

I generally prefer to set my fantasy romance stories in a medieval/medieval-inspired time
period. So we have peasants and knights in love with nobles and royalty. These are
sweeping, epic tales of love that endures separations, trails, heartache, lovers being torn
apart, yet proving that love holds the power to endure, nevertheless.
My books also tend to be quite spicy, with beautiful, strong-willed heroines and sexy

Do you have a favorite book that you’ve written?
I’ve published 25 novels to date, so choosing a single one is tough! I’d probably lean
toward either my Flames of Kalleen series, which features hot dragon shifters in an epic
fantasy setting. It also has one of those epic forbidden love stories which holds the fate of
the kingdom along with some great actions sequences, steamy nights, and of

My favorite of the series is probably Releasing the Dragon, which holds a special place in
my heart due to a back-story romance, and a knight named Gwain, who fights
overwhelming odds to save his little sister from the wicked temples who seek to claim her.
A close runner up would be Shattered Moonlight. It’s a fantasy-romance red riding hood
retelling where the heroine has to save her big, bad wolf, with some fun twists!

What’s your favorite type of scene to write?
I love world-building. So anything that shows off fantasy castles, fantasy creatures, or both
is something I really enjoy writing. My Flames of Kalleen series features two kinds of
dragons – Kalleen & Amethystine. The Amethystine dragons were really fun to create as
they are different from the typical dragon. They have six, feathered wings, three on each

I also enjoy writing scenes on the more heart-wrenching side. From love confessions to
painful choices characters must make. I love diving deep into the emotional side of
storytelling and hopefully bringing my readers along for the ride whether they are
swooning, feel their hearts breaking, or on heart-pounding adventures.

Which one of your books should readers try first?
It really depends on your preference. If you like really steamy stories with a more
contemporary paranormal setting, I would say my Midnight Coven novels. They can be
read in any order and I generally recommend stating with Wicked Desires, which features
a romance between a witch and a vampire.

If you prefer fantasy, I’d say that Shattered Moonlight, which is a fairytale retelling, would
be the way to go. A little less spice, a bit more action, and lots of world building with a
kingdom under a dreadful curse, a magic wolf, a handsome huntsman, and plenty of

And for the brave of heart who prefer tales on the dark side, Black Rose. The story of a
Fae princess turned knight, Black Rose is dark fantasy with a forbidden love story that
spans 1,200 years of fantastical history.

When you’re not busy writing, what do you like to do for fun?
I’m a bit of a movie buff and I love seeing films on the big screen. I make it my goal every
year to watch not only the blockbusters, but also to see all of the Oscar nominations for
best picture each year.

I also love to travel. I’ve visited over 20 countries and still have tons on my bucket list! I
greatly enjoy immersing myself into new cultures and exploring new destinations and am
always in the process of planning my next adventure!


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