Author Spotlight: Elva Birch

If you’ve been searching for your new favorite author, I want you to read this Q&A with one of my favorite PNR writers – Elva Birch! You’re going to love learning a few new fun facts about her and you’re going to adore reading about her flamingo shifter story!

One of my favorite things about paranormal romance books is that there’s always something new to explore and enjoy. Elva’s stories are fantastic. They’re going to make you feel some pretty big feelings and honestly, you’re not even going to realize how much time is passing because you’re going to get so engrossed in her stories!

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1. What type of romance do you like to write?

My favorite romance is full of heart and magic, whether that’s paranormal or epic fantasy. I like feel-good stories, with kind, diverse, and competent heroes. I want to laugh and feel all the things. Shifters will always have a special place in my catalog, since that’s where I started, and I love playing with the concept of fated mates. 

2. Do you have a favorite book that you’ve written?

That is a cruel and unfair question! They are all my favorites! Don’t make me pick! 

The answer changes with time, as I am always a bit in love with what I’ve just written because that’s the world I’m immersed in. I think that I am growing and changing as a writer as I go along, and I hope my favorite book is always the next one.

If forced with the threat of splinters and hangnails to choose just one, I would have to pick The Flamingo’s Fated Mate, because it’s just so silly and wholesome and hilarious. I mocked up the cover and a fake blurb as an April Fool’s prank and then spent an entire year swearing that I wasn’t writing this book. I absolutely love Frank and Anita and their game of Simon Says in an abandoned event hall. I even had to write it a sequel, but I’m definitely, definitely not writing a third book. (*wink*)

3. What’s your favorite type of scene to write?

I have a lot of author friends who despair of writing the smexy scenes and put them off to the end with placeholders and promises, but I absolutely love those moments of surrender and connection. I’m not a super-spicy writer, but I am here for the intimacy and that sweet yield. 

My second favorite type of scene is hysterical pet or child antics – those ridiculous, frustrating, hilarious times that every pet owner or parent has lived through, but with a supernatural complication.

4. Which one of your books should readers try first?

I write such a variety, it’s hard to say! If you want silly, light, and short, The Flamingo’s Fated Mate is for you. If you want an exciting fantasy-flavored alternate modern world with secret dragon monarchies, The Dragon Prince of Alaska is definitely the one. If you want adorable shifter toddlers: Wolf’s Instinct. I have a convenient Series Starter Set that has four first-in-series books and a bonus lesbian short story! 

You can also take a quiz at my site to pick your perfect book (this one includes my books written as Zoe Chant!).

5. When you’re not busy writing, what do you like to do for fun?

I’m also an artist, so if I’m not writing my ideas, I’m often drawing them. I also enjoy puzzles, gardening (though my garden right now is just a few buckets as I’m building a greenhouse this summer), and photography. 

6. Where can readers connect with you online?

I have a wonderful, warm Reader’s Retreat on Facebook, where I’m most active!

You can follow me on Amazon, Bookbub, or Goodreads.

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